Important Things To Remember When You Make A Will Without A Lawyer

Published: 19th October 2009
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Hiring a lawyer to make a will can be quite costly that many people opt not to make a will at all. People who only have limited assets do not really think that it is necessary to spend money on attorney's fees so they just forget about making a will. Fortunately, people do not need to spend a lot of money just to make a will these days. Anybody can make a will without a lawyer and in most cases; these wills are honored by the courts. If you are one of those people who have not made your will, you should consider writing your will without hiring a lawyer. To help you write your will without hiring a lawyer, here is what you should do.

Educate Yourself On The Laws Governing Wills

Before attempting to write a will without a lawyer, you need to know the basic things about making wills. Find some reading materials about making wills without a lawyer and read them thoroughly. You can easily find some reading materials about making wills without a lawyer in the internet so do some online research. If you have trouble finding suitable reading materials, try to check with your local probate courts and see if they can help you find good reading materials on will making.

Since different states have different laws governing wills, you should focus your attention on the laws of your state. Study the laws of your state carefully and pay close attention to provisions on probate and estate taxation. If there are some provisions of the law that are not clear to you, ask someone who is familiar with the law to explain these things for you. A local estate planning attorney should be able to help you understand the provisions of the law better.

Work On The Details

An improperly written will can be easily contested by a disgruntled family member so you need to be very careful when you make your will without a lawyer. You need to pay close attention to details when you make a will without a lawyer. Make sure that you organize your will carefully and make an inventory all your assets and liabilities. You should come up with a list of family members whom you want to receive a share of your properties. Define your relationships with the people on your list of heirs so that there will be no room for misinterpretations later on. Moreover, you should include a catchall phrase in your will to designate who should receive all other properties that are not specifically mentioned in your will.

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