Pros And Cons Of Getting A Persian Kitten

Published: 23rd October 2008
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A Persian cat is a breed of feline that has long hair and a snubbed nose. There are many different colors for the Persian as well as many different face types but the shorter the muzzle the more valued the cat is. This characteristic has been pursued to such a point that many cats have difficulty breathing due to abnormalities in the nasal passages or sinuses of the cat. You can expect the Persian kitten to have fluffy hair when it is born, much like any other kitten. As the cat matures, the hair grows longer.

These kinds of cats are seldom put up for kitten adoption or abandoned since they can be valuable and very lovable as well. Cross breeds may be abandoned due to random gestation but purebred cats are valued. The breed is said to have originated in ancient Persia, now known as Iran.

Cons Of Getting A Persian Kitten

A Persian kitten has a long think coat as it matures. This means that the owner might spend an extraordinary amount of time in grooming the Persian kitten since these cats can not cope too well with the maintenance and grooming of their own fur due to the thickness and length. Daily grooming may be the answer to the problem of having long hair for the Persian kitten. Hairballs are something that one can expect from your long haired pet as well as shedding fur during warmer seasons.

The time consumed in daily grooming can be extremely frustrating for pet owners although many tale the necessary time to groom their Persian kitten or send it to the groomers. Bathing too frequently may affect the cat's skin health so keep the baths to a minimum for the right kind of maintenance.

Pros Of Getting A Persian Kitten

Getting a Persian kitten can be something that your entire family might appreciate especially if they are fond of cats. These breed of cats is found to be intelligent and very resourceful. They are also noted to be docile and affectionate with their human family. Most have a sweet temper but can be naughty at times. The Persian kitten is naturally inquisitive and has its own individuality even when young. They can provide some much needed companionship for some pet owners.

Getting a Persian kitten can change one's life. A Persian kitten can require a lot of work and grooming but these times can be considered bonding time between the pet owner and the pet.

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