Selecting The Right Last Will And Testament Software

Published: 19th October 2009
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Making out your will is no longer the cumbersome process it used to be. Unless you have a huge and complex estate to leave behind, it is normally not essential to consult a lawyer or spend weeks doing your own research on the subject to create your own will and testament. The internet and last will and testament software has made preparing your own will a simple and quick procedure, and one that is becoming increasingly popular.

But that is not to say that the subject is one that can be taken lightly. While last will and testament software and the availability of standard will forms and last will and testament formats online have put the will creation process in the hands of laymen, that does not mean that all wills and testaments should be made using this method. Your will and testament is the most important document you will ever create - the one in which you leave everything you have acquired during your lifetime to your loved ones. If your estate is large and the asset structure is complicated, creating a will using last will and testament software may not meet your needs. You will not be around when the will is read and unless it is absolutely clear and not open to any misinterpretation, your complex property structure could be involved in dispute and legal wrangling. Last will and testament software is not meant for such circumstances and these cases are best handled by lawyers.

Having said that, most of us can use last will and testament software to distribute our assets among our family and loved ones after our demise. But with the range of last will and testament software now available, how do you choose the best?

Choosing The Best Last Will And Testament Software

The first thing to decide on is whether you want to pay for the last will and testament software or use the free programs available for download. While the free programs are usually not bad, the knowledge of the authors is often open to question. Also free software does not offer any kind of user support so you will have to manage completely on your own. And finally, free last will and testament software may not be regularly modified to accommodate changes in the law. And very often this type of software does not take into account the variations in laws from state to state.

On the other hand, priced last will and testament software offers much more to the user. The creators of the software are usually reputed organizations with access to the required legal inputs. This type of software will include customer support in the pricing so you will have access to help as and when you need it. Since the sale of the last will and testament software is a business, the creators' will regularly upgrade it both in terms of modifications to suit changed laws and also to incorporate the latest software and computer applications and processes. Most such software will incorporate the state wise variations.

While there is nothing wrong with using free to download last will and testament software, it is not meant for everyone. Those who are starting from scratch or are unsure about what they want should opt for the priced last will and testament software where all the support and help they require will be available.

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